In unserem Musikhaus findet sich auch eine kleine Auswahl an gebrauchten Schallplatten aus den bereichen Rock/Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Soul. Alle Platten sind gewaschen. Auf Wunsch bestellen wir auch neue Schallplatten, soweit erhältlich.

(Diese Seite befindet sich im Aufbau).




LP´s 12"



Abba, Mamma Mia 9,-€


Adams, Bryan, You want it, you got it  10,-€


Adams, Bryan, Cuts like a knife 11,50€


Adams, Bryan, Into the Fire 10,-€


All Star Festival, Compilation 7,-€


Alpert, Herp, Mexican Shuffle 9,50€


Armatrading, Joan, To the Limit 5,-€


Armstrong, Louis, Jazz Classics 7,-€


Armstrong, Louis, The Best of 10,-€


Armstrong, Louis, Mack the Knife  24,50€


Artful?, Waiting 29,00 €


Astley, Rick Whenever you need somebody, 4,50€


Atlanta Rhythm Section, ARS (Doppel LP) 15,-€


Auldridge, Mike, Dobro 4,-€


Baker, Chat,  Alone Together, Jazz Images 37003  14,-€


Ballard, Russ, 8,-€


Ballard, Russ, Into the Fire 11,50€


Band für Afrika, Nackt im Wind 10,-€


BAP, X für e u  16,-€


BAP, für usszeschnigge!, 7,50,-


BAP Da Capo, 6,-€


BAP, ahl Männer, aalglatt 14,-€


BAP, zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier 11,-€


Basie, Count, Half a Sixpence 14,50€


Barber, Chris & Jazz Band, Barbers Best (Doppel LP) 19,50€


Barber, Chris & Jazz Band and Papa Bue´s Viking Jazzband, Bestsellers 8,50€


Bauer, Conrad, Jazz  7,-€


Bear, Richard T., The Bear Truth, 7,-€


Beck, Jeff, Flash 10,-€


Bernhardt, Warren, Solo Piano 11,-€


Bernhardt, Warren, Manhattan update 10,-€


Berry, Chuck, Rock and Roll Music 6,-€


Bianco, Matt, Whose side are you on 3,50€


The big ones, the four seasons 6,-€


Blondie, Blondie 15,-€


Boston, Boston 7,50€


Böhm Dagobert, Sound of Wood 15,-€


Brasseur, André, Early Bird 14,-€


Broonzy, Big Bill and Washboard Sam, Blues Collection13  10,00 €


Bromberg David & Band, You should see the rest of the band  7,50€


Bradford Alex/Barber Chris, Pop Gospel Live in London  11,50€


Bread, the best of 7,-€


Browne Jackson, Lives in the balance, 10,-€


Browne Jackson, Hold out 7,50€


Browne Jackson, Running on Empty 4,50€


Browne Jackson, Running on Empty 6,50€


Cash, Johnny Collection Vol.3, Doppel LP, Gatefold Cover PDA062  12,50€


Caddy Allan with Orchestra & singers, Tribute to Engelbert Humperdinck 3,-€


Caldera Time and Chance 7,-€


California Dreaming, Compilation 7,50€


Carlton, Larry  Larry Carlton 10,-€


Checkpoint Charlie, Frühling der Krüppel 13,-€


Cherrelle, High Priority 6,50€


Cherry,Neneh Manchild 5,-€


Chicago/19, 7,-€


Clark,Petula Greatest Hits 12,-€


Comateens, Pictures on a string 10,-€


Country Music, This is...Compilation 4,-€


Crawford, Randy Abstract emotion 7,-€


Creedence Clearwater Revival, The 20 Greatest Hits (Doppel LP) 24,50€


Crosby,Bing The Original  7,-€


Crowded House, Temple of low men  8,-€


Danzer, Georg Direkt 7,-€


Danzer, Georg Liederbuch (Doppel LP), 6,-€


Dayne, Taylor Tell it to my heart 7,-€


de Burgh,Chris Man on the line, 5,-€


de Burgh, Chris Into the light 5,-€


de Burgh, Chris Into the light 5,-€


de Lucia, Paco 15,-€


Deep Purple, Perfect Strangers 4,- €


Desireless, Voyage Voyage 19,-€


The original Dixieland Jazz Band, 15,-€


Donegan, Lonnie The King of Skiffle, 8,50€


Dubliners, 4,-€


Duran Duran, Liberty 064-79 4292 1  19,50€


Dutch Swing College Band, The Story, Doppel LP,  5,-€


Dutch Swing College Band, Motive 8,-€


Dylan, Bob Down in the groove 19,-€


Eddy, Duane The biggest twang of them all  6,-€


Electric Light Orchestra, Discovery 15,-€


Elvis, Welcome to my world 8,-€


Eurythmics, Be yourself tonight 6,-€


Evans, Bill Everybody Digs... 18,-€


The Everly Brothers, The most beautiful songs (Doppel LP) 6,50€


Extrabreit, Welch ein Land...10,-€


Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits 13,-€


Folksongs of the Louisiana Acadians (Compilation Aufnahmen von 1956/59) 12,-€


40 Folk Favourites, Limited Edition (Compilation, Doppel LP) 4,-€


Four Tops, Motown Special  7,-€


Freeze Frame, Godley Creme 9,-€


Geils, J. and Band, best of 7,-€


Grolnick, Don Hearts and Numbers feat. Michael Brecker 6,-€


Grönemeyer, Herbert Ö  6,-€


Grusin, Dave Cinemagic 18,-€


Grusin, Dave Night Lines 9,50€


Hablas, Chico Events 29,-€


Hagen, Nina Angstlos 16,-€


Hagen Nina  and Band, 8,50€


Haley Bill and his comets, Rock around the clock 12,-€


Hammond, Albert The free electric band  6,-€


Hill, Andrew Joe Henderson, Richard Davis, Roy Haynes, LP Black Fire, Blue Note

602537937646  21,-€


Hornsby Bruce and the Range, the way it is 3,50€


Houston Whitney , I wanna dance with somebody 7,-€


Humpe, Humpe  8,-€


Idol, Billy Sweet sixteen 11,-€


Jackson, Janet 16,-€


Jackson Jermaine & Zandora Pia , When the rain begins to fall  9,-€


James,John Descriptive Guitar Instrumentals, 7,50€


Jansch,Bert Avocet 29,-€


Jazz Box, Verve Records, 10LP set  36,-€


Das unmögliche Jazzkonzert, Ikea Nachwuchswettbewerb 1978  10,-€


John, Elton sleeping with the past. 9,-€


Johnson, Don Let it roll  3,-€


Jordan, Marc Talking through pictures 6,50€


Jobim, Antonio Carlos Jobim 13,-€


Khan, Chaka What cha´gonna do for me 13,-€


King, Marcus and Band 2016 (Doppel LP), 27,-€


The Kinks, Lola 10,-


Kirkbride, John Tracks 9,-€


Kleynjans, Francis Kleynjans et Satie 14,-€


Klugh, Earl Low ride 13,-€


Knewskin Jim and the Jug Band 14,-€


Kolbe Martin + Illenberger, Ralf Colouring the leaves 6,50€


Robin,Cock 10,-€


Kunze, Heinz Rudolf Wunderkinder 5,-€


Kunze, Heinz Rudolf Reine Nervensache 7,-€


Kunze, Heinz Rudolf Dein ist mein ganzes Herz 5,-€


Kunze, Heinz Rudolf Ausnahmezustand 7,-€


Latin Quarter, Modern Times 5,-€


Level 42, Worl Machine, 11,50€


Level 42, The Early Tapes 9,-€


Level 42, Standing in the Light  7,-€


Lindenberg, Udo Dröhnland Symphonie  6,-€


Lindenberg, Udo Udopia 5,-€


Lindenberg, Udo Odyssee  11,50€


Lindenberg, Udo Galaxo Gang 3,50€


Lindenberg, Udo Rock Revue 4,-€


Lindenberg, Udo & Alla Pugacheva, Songs instead of Letters, 8,-€


Lindley, David and El Rayo -X, 10,50€


Little Feat, Representing the Mambo 12,-€


Little Richard, 20 original recordings (Doppel LP) 8,-€


Little River Band, No reins 10,-€


Little River Band, Backstage Pass 9,-€


Lockran, Gerry The Shattered Eye, 22,-€


Long, Robert Hinter dem Horizont 4,50€


Lorber, Jeff Private Passion  8,-€


Lorber, Jeff Step by step  8,-€


M3, Vibrationen 5,50€


Madonna, The look of love 8,-€


Madonna, Who´s that girl  14,-€


Matze, (Solo LP Eloy Bassist) 22,-€


Mazelle, Kym love strain 5,-€


Maxus (with Michael Landau) 12,-€


Mc B. featuring Daisy Dee, this beat is technotronic  7,-€


McTell, Ralph Right side up  10,-€


Meinecke, Ulla Wenn schon nicht für immer...2,50€


Meinecke, Ulla Der Stolz italienischer Frauen 12,-€


Mezzoforte, Surprise Surprise, 10,-


Mezzoforte, Catching up with 8,-€


Miko, Visionen von Schönheit 24,-€


Miles, Alannah black velvet 4,50€


Millions like us 10,-€


Minogue, Kylie Enjoy Yourself 10,-€


Mirage, Serious Mix 4,-€


Mitchell, Joni Miles of Aisles 29,-€


Mitteregger, Herwig Kein Mut, kein Mädchen 14,50€


Mitteregger, Herwig Kein Mut, kein Mädchen 6,-€


Mossmann, Walter Flugblattlieder 7,-€


Mouskouri, Nana C´est bon la vie, (Doppel LP) 14,-€


Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Live 17,50€


Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Sekt oder Selters  7,-€


Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Stinker 8,-€


Nazareth, Greatest Hits 10,-€


Neuzeit, Compilation Neue Deutsche Welle, 4,-€


New Kids on the Block, Hangin´Tough 10,-€


New Kids on the Block, Step by step 5,50€


Nostalgie in Rock, 5,-€


Ofarim, Esther & Abi neues Album 3,-€


Ory Kid and his Creole Jazz Band, 6,-€


Pack, David anywhere you go...10,50€


Palmer, Robert Clues 11,-€


Parsons, Alan  Pyramid 6,50€


Parsons, Alan Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Ellen Poe 13,-€


Passengers, Sound Adventure 19,-€


Peddlers, Three for all 25,-€


Peter, Sue & Marc, Songs International 4,50€


Police, The Ghost in the Machine, 6,-€


Price, Alan A price on his head, 22,-€


Prince & the new power generation, Diamonds and pearls 4,50€


Prince, Prince Graffiti Bridge, 55,-€


Rainbirds, 10,-€


Rock Invader, Vitesse  8,50€


Rogers, Kenny Greatest Hits 4,50€


Rohde, Andreas Woodpecker 7,-€


Ronstadt, Linda Greatest Hits, 4,-€


Ross, Diana and The Supremes, Live at London´s Talk of the town 9,-€


Rush, Jennifer Heart over mind 4,50€


Rush, Jennifer Movin´ 6,50€


Sacksioni, Harry Spätnachrichten, 5,-€


Saga, In Transit 3,50€


Sanborn, David As we Speak 7,50€


Sanborn, David Hideaway 9,50€


Second Image, Second Image 24,-€


Sembello, Michael Bossa Nova Hotel  9,-€


Set the Tone, Shiftin air affair 8,50€


Simple Minds, street fighting years, 3,50€


Simply Red, a new flame 6,-€


The Fantastic Skiffle Festival, 31 great Songs (Doppel LP), 12,-€


Smokie, Greatest Hits 13,-€


Spaghetti Western Mix, Compilation 3,50 €


Springfield, Rick Tao 5,- €


Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 8,50€


Status Quo, Hit Album 7,-€


Stewart, Rod Blondes have more fun 5,- €


Stewart, Rod Body Wishes 5,- €


Stewart, Rod Atlantic Crossing 4,50€


Stewart, Rod Body Wishes 7,-€


Stewart, Rod Out of order 5,-€


Stewart, Rod Foolish Behaviour 11,50€


Streisand, Barbra Lazy Afternoon 8,-€


Streisand, Barbra Guilty 10,-€


Streisand, Barbra Emotion 7,-€


Streisand, Barbra Till I loved you 4,-€


Streisand, Barbra Wet 8,-€


Streisand, Barbra Memories 6,-€


Styx, Cornerstone 4,- €


Sulke Stephan 7, Kekse 5,-€


Sulke, Stephan live, (Doppel LP) 7,-€


Super Sonic Blues Machine, Californisoul (Doppel LP) 25,-€


Stevans, Cat Greatest Hits 11,-€


Supertramp, ..famous last words.. 14,-€


Sweet Tee, Let´s dance (Maxi Single) 3,-€


Tanz mit dem Herzen, Compilation Neue Deutsche Welle, 12,-€


The golden days of Jazz, 12,50 €


The Tremeloes, Starsound Collection 8,-€


Truffaz, Erik Being human being (ungespielt) 22,-€


Turner, Tina Break Every Rule, 4,-€


Turner, Ike & Tina Get it Together 10,-€


U2, Live 6,50€


UB40, Signing Off 35,-€


Valente, Caterina Schlagerlieder & Chansons 14,-€


Vanelli, Gino Black Cars  10,-€


Vanelli, Gino Big Dreamers Never Sleeps, 9,50€


Vanelli, Gino Brother to Brother 14,-€


Vanilla Ice, To the Extreme 11,-€


Vaughan, Stevie Ray and double trouble, Texas Flood 10,-€


Vaughan, Sarah & Quincy Jones, You´re mine you 19,-€


Vollenweider, Andreas ..behind the gardens..5,50€


War on the Planet, (Compilation) 8,-€


Jon Symon´s Warlock, Lady MacBeth  5,-€


Washboard Rhythm, Compilation 7,50€


Weather Report, Heavy Weather 19,-€


Weber, Vince Vince the Prince 12,-€


Weiland,Klaus Pebbles 20,-€


White, Josh sings Ballads-Blues (neu), 16,-€


Willie and the poor boys, 5,-€


Wilson, Jack The Classic (Doppel LP) 10,-€


Wolfsmond, Verwandelt 4,-€


Young, Paul No Parlez 4,50€


Young, Paul The secret of association 8,-€


Sydney Youngblood, I´d rather go blind...7,50€


Zanki, Edo live, Gib mir Musik 9,-€


Zevon, Warren 16,-€


Zevon, Warren Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School, 14,-€


Zisch, Gefühle 15,-€






2 Static, Feel that beat  (Maxisingle) 12,-€


Beates International, Burundi Blues (Maxi Single) 4,-€


Collins, Phil You can´t hurry love (Maxisingle) 11,-€


Fox, Samanth Touch me (Maxisingle) 4,-€


Invisible Army, Wall of sound (Maxisingle) 9,-€


Lindenberg, Udo Rock´n Roll und Rebellion (Maxi Single), 17,-€


Monie Love, I can do this (Maxi Single) 4,50€


Madonna, Isla la bonita (Maxisingle) 8,-€


Madonna, True Blue (Maxisingle Limited Edition Picturedisk) 11,-€


Metallica, Enter Sandman  20,-€


Purple Schulz, (Viel zu wenig) Zeit, Maxisingle,  5,-€


Roachford, Cuddly toy (Maxisingle) 6,50€


RPO, (Maxi Single) 4,50€


Sandra, In the heat of the night 8,-€


Sinitta, Right back...(Maxi Single) 3,-€


Spider Murphy Gang, Skandal im Sperrbezirk (Maxi Single) 8,-€


Stewart, Rod A shot of Rhythm and Blues 10,-€


Toto, I´ll be over you (Maxi Single) 12,-€


U96, Das Boot Remix (Maxisingle) 9,50€


Wilde, Kim you came, (Maxisingle) 10,-€


Wine, April, First Glance 10,-€






10 C.C., Rubber Bullets 3,50 €


a-ha, hunting high and low 3,-€


Beach Boys, The Kokomo 3,-€


Bee Gees, Massachussetts 7,-€


Boney M., I see a boat on the river 3,-€


Chicago, Hard to say I´m sorry 2,50€


Coleman, Kirby Hey Ton´I  4,-€


Cross, Christopher All right 2,50€


Cutting Crew, (I just) died in your arms 4,50€


F-R David, Words 2,50€


Deep Purple, Fireball/Black Night 2,50€


Electric Light Orchestra, Livin´Thing  2,-€


Presley, Elvis O sole mio  9,-€


Presley, Elvis Surrender  3,-€


Faithfull, Marianne Lucy Jordan  3,-€


The Flirts, Passion 1,50€


Francis, Connie Who´s sorry now 7,50€


Frl. Menke, Traumboy 1,50€


Frida, I Know there´s something going on  2,-€


Foreigner, Waiting for a girl like you 3,50€


Hello, Let it rock 5,-€


Max Him, Lady Fantasy 2,50€


Ixi, Der Knutschfleck 1,50€


Jackson, Joe Steppin´ out 5,-€


Jackson, Michael I just can´t stop loving you 2,50€


King, Ricky Duwaiyana 5,-€


King, Ricky Verde 3,-€


King, Ricky Verde 3,-€


King, Ricky Halé, Hey Louise 3,-€


King, Ricky Le Réve 2,50€


Knef, Hildegard Aber schön war es doch 12,-€


Lasalle, Denise 3,-€


Lee Roth, DavidThat´s Life 5,50€


Lindenberg, Udo Horizont 2,-€


Maffay, Peter Ich will leben 3,-€


The Manhattan Transfer, 2,50€


Mr. Walkie Talkie, Be my Boogie Woogie Baby  3,-€


Nicole, Ein bißchen Frieden 1,50€


Nicole, Der alte Mann und das Meer 2,-€


Police, The Don´t stand so close to me/Friends  2,50€


Straker, Nick and Band A walk in the park 2,-€



Quatro, Suzi Can the can 4,50€


Quatro, Suzi If you can´t give me love 1,-€


Robin, Cock The promise you made 3,-€


Rolling Stones, Going to a go go (Live), 6,-€


Rush, JenniferYou´re my one and only 2,50€


Savage Progress, My Soul unwraps tonight 3,-€


Secret Service, Ten o´clock Postman 2,50€


Secret Service, Ten o´clock Postman 3,00€


Seger, Bob Shame on the moon  4,- €


Smokie, For a few dollars more 1,50€


Smokie, Do to me  3,50€


Spliff, Deja vu 2,50€


Sweet, The Wig-Wam Bam 3,50,-€


Sweet, The Wig-Wam Bam 2,-€


Sweet, The Poppa Joe 2,-€


T. Rex, Children of the revolution 3,-€


The Teens, Never gonna tell no lie to you 4,50€


The Teens, Give me more 4,-€


Thin Lizzy, Whisky in the jar 7,-€


Toto, Africa 4,50€


Wings, Mull of Kintyre 5,-€


Young, Paul Love will tear us apart 2,50€








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